There are many stories coming out of Syria to show the difficult times the country is going through… A man went out of his house only to be met by his death… A young man went out to earn a living only to come back home crippled and unable to move…  A sister saw her brother off only to to be told later that he got arrested and detained… An old man, exhausted by the burdens of days, and the bitterness of homelessness, is left alone, and the world is totally indifferent to his grief and helplessness…

These are recurrent scenes in the lives of the Syrian people, shaped by the

terrible war that has torn them apart and uprooted them, throwing them everywhere around the world.

Al-Sham Foundation did not stand idly by, but in partnership with the Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Charitable Foundation Raf, launched a campaign to help families that lost some of their members by death of detention and were left unable to carry on with their lives.

On July 1, 2016, the project was launched to provide material and moral services to the affected families in Syria and the refugee camps in Turkey in the form of a monthly salary, which is provided and calculated according to the number of family members. The campaign aims to achieve the following goals:

-Secure a decent life for families that have lost their breadwinner

-Prevent deviation as a result of destitution and orientation to build a healthy society

The administration has been bound by two basic conditions:

-The absence of a breadwinner or a sponsor

-The inability to secure decent living conditions, focusing on the most vulnerable groups such as families with members who have disappeared, got injured, or killed

Unquestionably, destitution and poverty, from which more than 65% of the Syrian people suffer, can lead to deviation among the youth. Hence the importance of this campaign.