On Tuesday, 19.09.2017, at 11 O’clock a.m., one of the civilian hospitals in Idlib countryside in Khan Sheikun district was targeted by two air raids by the Russian and Syrian warplanes. This area is one of the areas of reducing the escalation agreed upon in the Astana Discussions on resolving the Syrian crisis.

This targeting of the hospital resulted in serious damages to the structure of the hospital and the disruption of its main resources as well as in a number of casualties, which were recovered from the rubble with difficulty.

In addition to targeting the hospital, two ambulances belonging to Al- Sham Ambulance System were targeted as well, one of which was dedicated to ICU and was on a humanitarian mission conveying 4 civilian casualties to a nearby hospital. As a result of this targeting, two ambulances went out of service following the collapse of a roof on them.

We, at Al- Sham Humanitarian Foundation, call upon the international community to take a firm stand against these deliberate practices and the repeated violations against the medical and humanitarian personnel, which are contrary to Security Council Resolutions Nos. 2254 and 2139, which call for an end to indiscriminate attacks and cessation of attacks directed against civilian targets.


Since its launch in 2015, Al- Sham Ambulance System has transported in its areas of operation in Syria more than 58,000 patients.