Job Code: AHF-HIRE- 262

Last date to apply Location The department it belongs to Job title
17/05/2023 Türkiye – Adana Early Recovery Program Early Recovery Officer

Role Purpose:
The Project Officer will manage the implementation of activities related to the Early Recovery, follow up ensure the implementation of project activities according to the work plan and with the required quality, distribute and follow up the tasks of project staff and writing the necessary project reports, in addition, to provide the necessary support for the Early Recovery program.
Functional and organizational relationships:
Responsible for managing and delivering project activities and budget, timely reporting, and monitoring and evaluating project achievements. The Project Officer reports directly to the program manager and is accountable to the program manager for the effective performance of all responsibilities. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES
Preparing the comprehensive implementation plans for the project .
Determine the necessary technical requirements for employees working in the field. And interviewing candidates to establish the required team.
Preparing/Participating, with the program manager to prepare relevant daily tracking schedules to follow up on project activities daily with the project team .
Day-to-day management of the field team to assign tasks appropriately and ensure that each person completes their task ahead of time with full accuracy and transparency.
Ensures the assignment and receipt of reports and documents from field staff.
Reviews and ensures the quality and adequacy of field staff reports before compilation and submission to anyone outside the organization (eg donors, partners, and related entities).
Inform the program manager of any delay or potential issue and provide the necessary suggestions to address any challenge in project implementation and processing the revision requests.

Maintains securely all project-related records, reports, and documents.
Review all completion reports (financial,logistical, HR, etc.) for the project before they are sent to any party outside the organization.
Preparing weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual project performance reports and submitting them to the program manager .
Hold regular meetings with project field workers to identify challenges and try to solve them independently.

Coordinating with the MEAL team to develop the necessary plans to monitor activities
Contribute to building networks and partnering with other agencies in line with the organization’s objectives and goals, including governmental and non-governmental organizations and communities.
Provide the needed support in writing the project proposals.
Using program management tools will monitor project implementation (on time, financial, and on scope basis);
supervise timely data collection and reporting at the local level.
Attends all meetings related to the project (Clusters, coordination, finance, program, etc.) and presents relevant presentations
Performs other program-related duties as assigned and in line with project implementation
Work closely with the logistical, financial, and media teams for required issues
Sending continuous updates and sharing information with stakeholders
Qualification and Experience:
Bachelor’s Degree in Economic or other relevant fields.
At least tow years of experience in implementing Early recovery and livelihoods projects
At least tow years of experience working in the humanitarian sector.

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