AHF believes that humanitarian advocacy and coordination is the most important factors that help to save lives and lessen Syrian suffering through their continuous crisis.

AHF also believes in providing Syrians all their rights including security, stability and good life in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, the foundation was keen to cement coordination and integration between Syrian humanitarian organizations to achieve the most humanitarian response and spreading the voice of Syrian humanitarian organizations to donors and decision makers in all international forums. Thus, this coordination and integration will contribute in decreasing Syrian people suffering through entering into active relationships with a number of international organizations and prominent attendance in different events, meetings and conferences concerned with Syrian humanitarian work. Also, the Foundation has supported advocacy of Syrian humanitarian work, and lobbying affirmation on the local, regional and international levels to ensure Syrian people empowerment, and preserving their rights and dignity. The Foundation has participated in a number of advocacy events with other humanitarian organizations and issuing a lot of press releases.

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