Abeer Support her family after KAREEM loan


The worsening of living needs prompted 40-year-old Abeer to return from Turkey, where she was forced to travel due to the war in Syria. Her city and home were damaged city in the war. [...]

How did Fadi overcome unemployment after receiving a loan


“We had everything, money, houses, lands and suddenly we found ourselves displaced in our own country and deprived of what we owned.” With these words Fadi started his speech about his situation after getting displaced [...]

Dream to Get Rehabilitated


In the harsh winter nights, Mr. Mohamed Al-Qadah and his wife were waiting for their first son to fill the house with joy and happiness after waiting for nine months. It was a rainy and [...]

Ahmed … between pain and hope


Tens of thousands of stories would be revealed in the near future about Syria and the suffering it experienced during the eight years of war, and this figure may be much more. The viewer may [...]

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