Who We Are


Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in October 2011 to fill gaps in the response to the humanitarian needs in Syria. AHF was registered in Turkey in 2013 as “İnsani Şam Derneğı”. With a well-established team of humanitarian experts, AHF specializes in delivering targeted and transparent aid to highly vulnerable populations in underserved areas of Syria including besieged and hard to reach areas, as well as implementing projects that target refugees in neighbouring countries. While AHF was established in response to the crisis, it is dedicated to a sustained presence and to playing a leadership role in the recovery of affected Syrian communities.



Build healthier and more stable Syrian community.


non-profit organization providing Humanitarian services and community development programs to empower the Syrian community, build it with utilizing efficient and active partnership.


  • Help the Syrian community to recover and produce

  • Contribute in achieve development and community security

  • Contribute in developing charity work and empowerment of Syrian civil society

  • Achieving donors expectations and assure beneficiaries satisfy


  • Quality: Ensuring that all operations and processes are carried out meticulously.

  • Team Spirit: Enhancing the spirit of the team.

  • Credulity: Achieving transparency to raise the organization credibility internally and externally.

  • Initiative: Strengthening self-motivation among staff to improve the level of achievement and productivity.

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